Founded in 2007 by my father, the business began as a delicatessen specialising in regional products, products carefully selected by my father, always in search of authenticity and genuine terroir.

Because of the quality of the products on offer, the result of a faultless selection, the company quickly made a place for itself in the hearts of lovers of "good things". Regularly affectionately called "Ali Baba's cave" by customers, the shop presents a wide range of products from terrines, sausages, traditional sardines to red wines and spirits.

Quite soon, however, our desire for excellence led us to refocus our activity exclusively on spirits, our lifelong passion.

This is how AGANON NOIRLAC took shape. This is how this new adventure began.

Whiskies, cognacs, armagnacs, rums, eaux-de-vie of all types, it is always with passion that we go, throughout the world, to meet distillers big and small to find the rarest and most qualitative spirits.

Today AGANON NOIRLAC has managed to attract the attention of a passionate and demanding clientele, and we are proud of this.

Our story continues, for you, with you.